brand dna

brand values and core themes


  • Transformation and life skills
  • Inspiration at new levels by tapping into interests, talents and purpose.
  • Imagination
  • Self belief, self awareness and self esteem
  • Individuation, recognising unique talents and taking action to achieve dreams.
  • Self expression through movement, dance and song.
  • Seeing ourselves in others, overcoming diversity and change
  • Universal appeal in archetypal characters
  • Universal laws and truths
  • Honest familiar yet diverse characters who tackle new paradigms through adventure and challenge
  • Always fun and energetic entertainment while learning
  • Solving the riddles of life
  • Everything is connected



brand philosophy

Inspiring kids to live on purpose and purposely inspiring them to be all they can be. Our aim is to entertain, enlighten and expand young minds for a better future, having a global impact on awareness of the magical universe we live in. Through storytelling, our content helps develop self esteem and a realistic self belief that dreams really can come true when you engage your interest, gifts  and talents and take action to achieve them. Encouraging imagination, teaching simplified, basic laws and principles of the universe by way of universal truths. Through experiential play in the form of self discovery, our characters learn while having fun and intend the same for the viewers. The content and narrative is designed to give children key transformational and life skills, this is enormously beneficial in later development.

Zeropoint Studios, inspiring kids.